Why We Are Doing It

Here at the Veterinary Centre we not only care about your animals’ health but also your health. A few of the lads at the Vet Centre have decided to grow out their Mo for a good cause. Men are facing a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. They are dying too young, before their time. We’re taking action and we need your help. 

It can be lonely growing a mo by yourself, so we'd love for as many of our clients, farmers, even pets to join in the festivities and hang up the razor for the month.

So let the mo grow and then join 'The Veterinary Centre Mo Bros’ team. Together we will be able to make a great difference with mental health, a very real topic, especially in our rural communities.

Plus you'll get an official invite to the Mo Show (moustache weigh in) at the end of November......

How to Get Involved

It's simple as - first grow out your mo!

Second join the crew - either by clicking on the link below, or for those less technologically savvy then just by telling one of our hirsute vets when you see them! We'll get the lovely Sarah to get in touch and sort the details (you can also email her here ).

And if you don't have the testosterone levels required to grow a mo then head on over to the page and donate! We will also have collection buckets at the clinics.

The "Mo Show"

On the afternoon of Friday the 30th November we are going to have the official weigh in and judging at the new Waimate clinic.

We'll crank up the BBQ, put on a few beers, hand around the donation bucket, and then pass wild comments about the staggering slugs that have erupted on the faces of everyone.

As a bonus we've even found a great prize pack for the winner!

So, come along and grow a Mo for your fellow Bro!!