Should I be drenching ewes?

Should I be drenching ewes?

Reasons for Worming Ewes:

  1. For the Ewes’ Sake: If a ewe is worm free, she utilises her feed more efficiently, has an improved appetite, and therefore puts on more condition (or loses less).
  2. For the Newborn Lambs’ Sake: A well fed ewe has more energy at lambing time and more ability to deliver her lamb quickly. Lambs from these ewes are born with body temperatures 1 degree Celsius higher, which affects lamb vigour. If a lamb is more vigorous at birth, the ewe is more likely to mother it well, so less starvation/exposure losses.
  3. For the Milk Lambs’ Sake: It is possible for a milk lamb to achieve liveweight gains of 300-400g per day. This exceptional figure is approached by having the ewe perform well, with higher milk production and less loss of bodyweight - at weaning the ewe should not be more than 3-4kg below her next tupping weight, or she won’t get to her ideal tupping weight next season.
  4. For the Weaned Lambs’ Sake: A better lamb at weaning means earlier lamb drafts and lowers the effective stocking rate.

Products currently marketed

Bionic: A 100 day combination capsule with continual release of abamectin and albendazole, plus selenium and cobalt. Withholding time 128 days.

Extender SeCo: A drench capsule which releases albendazole (white drench family) for 100 days, plus cobalt and selenium. Suitable for ewes up to 80kg. A priming dose of effective drench must be given to the ewes when the capsules are inserted. Withholding time is zero.

Ivomec Maximizer: A 100 day worm drench capsule, with Ivomec as the active ingredient. A single capsule is adequate for ewes up to 80kg. Because ivermectin resistance is so common, we caution the use of Maximizer. Withholding time is 126 days.

Exodus LA, Cydectin LA: These products contain a form of moxidectin injection in a novel base which increases their length of action. It is active against Trichs for 42 days, and Ostertagia for 112 days.

Cydectin Injection: This product contains moxidectin which has a persistent worm killing action following a single injection. It stays active for up to 30 days, but can suppress the egg output of the ewes for much longer. It is best used 2-4 weeks pre-lamb. Withholding time is 28 days for sheep meat.

Eweguard: This product combines Cydectin injection with a 6 in 1 clostridial Vaccination.  2000 dose order.