Health Check

What better time for a "Warrant of Fitness" than the start of a new year?  A regular veterinary health check and vaccination programme can help detect and prevent potentially life threatening diseases.  Nobody likes coming to the doctor but honestly "my vets" are actually exceptional - very thorough but very gentle and they will usually have a treat or two for obliging patients.  If you are not vaccinated, then make sure you have your human bring you in to see one of my vets soon!.....


Animal Sun Block

There is nothing better than relaxing in the sun having a well earned cat nap.  Because of my white ears and nose my humans make sure that I'm well protected from skin cancer by applying Filter Clear.  It's a sun block specially designed for animals to be non toxic unlike the human stuff.  Because they think I'm worth the effort and I agree!

I am lucky because my staff are available 24/7 over the holidays.  Is your "human" going on holiday?  Who will be looking after you?


Merry Christmas!!

Jingle jingle - oh I can just hear those fabulous Christmas decorations already!  So much fun to be had pulling them off the tree, my people go to so much effort to put them up!  They normally spoil all my fun and take them off me before I can really get into it though, do your people do the same?  I suppose it's for the best really, I've had a few furry friends that have some serious issues with decorations getting stuck in their poor tummies.  Se we just want to let on that we actually appreciate them taking such good care of us - after all we are worth it!

Speaking of appreciation, I'm pretty lucky my staff are here 24/7 to tend to my every need these holidays.  I hope you're all sorted if your staff are away too!

Merry Christmas!


6 Month Flea Treatment

Ahhhh Summer is on its way! But that means those pesky fleas are back hanging around looking to cause trouble.  My people just gave me my flea treatment the other day so at least I'm covered for now.  I bet my canine friends can't wait for the new Bravecto 6 month spot on treatment to arrive - then they only have to be treated twice a year.  I've also had a few furry friends come in lately with the old summer itches but luckily my people have got them sorted pretty quick smart!  So if you're battling with an attack of the itches or those pesky fleas are bothering you, send your people down to your local Blue Cross Veterinary Centre clinic and I'll make sure you get sorted, that way you can get those fabulous summer bodies out too!

.......... Cotton

It's Spring Time!!

Daffodils, lambs and calves everywhere, I love spring!  The birds are out chirping in the sun, oh how I love bird watching.  My humans put this silly cat collar on me with a dingly bell so I cannot catch them anymore though.  Because we are out and about more now it is warming up, we are more likely to pick up fleas and bring them inside so remind your humans it is time for a spot-on flea treatment.  If you have scratchy skin and it isn't fleas, how about seeing one of our Blue Cross vets to get your itch sorted before summer.  I love October for another reason; Poetry Competition!!  This year it is a poem and photo competition and I can't wait to read about and see all your amazing pets!  Catch you next month......


Second In Charge Kitty

This month I'm introducing my 2ICK (Second In Charge Kitty) Gavin.  Gavin currently resides at my Waimate branch doing all the same jobs that I do in my Oamaru clinic as well as overseeing the building of the new clinic.

Gavin was found by one of our Waimate clients on a rainy day in a gutter, barely a few days old.  Her eyes hadn't even opened.  One of the kind girls in our Waimate branch took her in and hand reared her, even getting up at all hours of the night for feeding!  Once Gavin was older the Waimate staff couldn't bear to part with her so she has stayed with them since, entertaining everyone with new found tricks and charming the customers with her cheeky ways (as I write this she is currently sitting in a shopping bag trying to sneak off with a client).

Head over to our Facebook page (Veterinary Centre - By the Big Blue Cross) to see Gavin in action, training the staff on how to play fetch.  I personally am not so convinced about this fetch business, it's more for those canine critters if you ask me, but she is pretty good at it I must say.  What do you think?

........... Cotton

Cotton's corner.jpg

Blood Donors

Hmmph! All these dogs getting all the attention for being blood donors - I'm not sure how I feel about the spotlight getting taken off my feline friends, we need blood donors too you know!  In fact I am one of those donors - just call me Super Cotton! I've saved 3 lives so far and I'm sure I'm not done yet! I also have a super team behind me as a back up should I not be able to help - I can't save every friend you see, us cats are all different blood types so we need to be a match before we can donate. So next time you see me at my clinic be sure to give me a high paw for my superhero saving powers, I'm worth it too you know!

........ Cotton

Senior Health Checks

Boy the years fly by! It's senior health check time again and I was a little worried that it was now my time to enter into this amazing promo.  Luckily I have one more year left being 6.5, but as of winter I'll be lining up for my annual 'senior health check' as well.

It's actually a very good idea to have these checks though, your people can help prevent some pretty serious health issues developing by catching any early symptoms at these visits plus how amazing is this deal with everything you get for only $79?!

So if you are now in your 'golden years' get your people to pop you into your local Blue Cross clinic this month to take advantage of this furrtastic deal!


Molar Month

It's Molar Month! Not my favourite time of year I must say but then who really does like going to the dentist?! I had my pearly whites checked just the other day by my vet Ally and as usual passed with flying colours. It was actually pretty painless too. My people have a new UV torch that shows up any tartar or disease so there's no poking or prodding involved! I must say though, what else could my people really expect other than beautiful teeth, as I do take a lot of care - I have my dental diet daily, brush every few days and then there's the constant checking from my staff - I suppose I should probably be thanking them......

So if you're needing a bit of TLC in the molar department get your people to pop you down to your local Blue Cross clinic this month and we will get you sorted!

.......... Cotton

Cosy Beds

Ahhh these new cosy beds at The Veterinary Centre are so snuggle and warm - perfect for these wet and cold days at the moment! Apparently they even have a fabulous 10% off this month which makes them even more furtastic!

Speaking of cold and wet days - one of my fabulous reps was in the other day making sure we are all stocked up on pain relief for those sore, stiff winter joints. She was so lovely in fact I decided I would try and sneak off home with her! I was less than impressed when my vet Felicity tried to take me back inside and I certainly let her know about it!

So if your poor old joints need a bit of easing or you need a nice soft, comfy bed to 'batten down the hatches' in this winter, send your people down to their nearest Blue Cross Veterinary Centre and my staff will get you sorted!

.......... Cotton

Lucky Duck Food

To get some exercise as part of my weight loss programme, I was taking a casual stroll around my Blue Cross clinic the other day, and you'll never guess what I spotted!  I found a new product on the shelves for my feathery friends called Lucky Duck - a specifically formulated mix that apparently the ducks will go 'quackers' over!  I've heard through "the cat line" that bread has now been found to be quite harmful to ducks' digestive systems so this is a fabulous alternative.  Lucky Duck is great value at only $3.60 for a 1kg bag, plus you can also get handheld feeders that keep little fingers away from those sharp pecking beaks!

Pop into the local Blue Cross Veterinary Centre to grab some Lucky Duck and a feeder on the way - I'm sure those friends of mine will love you for it!


Sunblock for Cats

Summer is well and truly here.  I have to say my humans have been taking fantastic care of me over the holidays, even making sure I've got my sun block on every morning before I head off on my daily adventures!  Me and my furry friends need a special sun block as the human products are far too toxic and can make us very ill.  So if you have a fairer complexion like myself, make sure your people pop into your local Blue Cross Centre to grab you some special pet sun block too.

I'm lucky, my staff are available 24/7 to tend to me and my every need - I hope your humans have you well cared for over the holiday period as well.

Happy New Year! ........ Cotton

Merry Christmas

Tinsel, toys, trees and treats - my humans here at the Blue Cross Veterinary Centre have got so many goodies out on display that would make such fabulous gifts for me and my furry friends.  Bowls that weigh your meals in an array of stylish colours, toys to chase and play with (instead of the tinsel and trees we apparently need to leave!), yummy Christmas treats and even a new topical flea and tick treatment for us felines that lasts for a whole 3 months!

So my festive friends, send your humans down to your local Blue Cross Centre for everything you need these holidays, I can even recommend some fabulous 5 star accommodation ideas should you need to celebrate in style if you humans are away.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Cotton!!

Our Vets Keeping Up With The Play

My vets like to 'keep up with the play' and recently three of them headed away to the 2016 New Zealand Veterinary Association Conference.  My people are now updated on the exciting research and advances made in the veterinary world.  They have been telling me all about what they learned and how excited they are to put it into practice.  It is important for my vets to be the best and to continue offering a gold standard service to all of you, my furry friends.....

......... Cotton


Daffodils, lambs and calves everywhere, I love spring!  The birds are out chirping in the sun, oh how I love bird watching.  My humans put this silly cat collar on me with a dingly bell so I cannot catch them anymore though.  Because we are out and about more now it is warming up, we are more likely to pick up fleas and bring them inside so remind your humans it is time for a spot-on flea treatment.  If you have scratchy skin and it isn't fleas, how about dragging your human along to sign you up for the 'Skin Special' (see circular) and get your itch sorted before summer.  Yay!  I love October for another reason; Poetry Competition!!  Did you know I am one of the judges for this and I just looooove reading over your entries, you kids sure do have some amazing pets!!  Catch you next month......


FIV Tests

You may remember from a few months ago that my humans managed to secure funding to investigate the prevalence of FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus - like HIV in humans) in our area.  My humans have now tested 200 healthy adult cats and found that 11% of them were FIV positive.  That's pretty scary considering they felt otherwise fine!  The males amongst us have it especially rough - 18% of them were positive while only 3% of the females were positive (probably because they fight so much!)  Now that my humans know they are infected they can help them to make some lifestyle changes to keep them well for as long as possible.  They have also been able to protect cats at risk by vaccinating them.  Thank you to all my cat friends who agree to be tested - we couldn't have done it without you.


Clean Teeth

I love how the team here at the Vet Centre do those extra little things to look after me.  Little things like putting Aquadent in my daily drinking water which keeps my breath smelling fresh.  I also have my teeth brushed regularly with my own special tooth brush.  The best part though is the dental biscuits and dental treats I get - they are sooo delicious.  Did you know nearly 80% of animals over three years old have some form of dental disease?  My vets can give your teeth a scale and polish which will make your mouth feel much better and protects us from dental disease.  So remind your humans that we need dental care too!


All About Cotton....

I am Cotton and I am the boss here at the Veterinary Centre in Oamaru!  I have just had my 40th recently (5.4 of your human years).  I was born on Christmas Eve of 2010.  One of my roles here at the Veterinary Centre is donating blood to car crash victims (I am Type A blood group) but mostly I am also cheif cat food/treat taste tester!  It's not a bad gig!  The worst accident I ever had here was when I was just young and still trying to negotiate those electric doors, I got my tail stuck in them and had to have the tip of my tail amputated.  Lucky I have the very best vets on hand to sort me out when I do dumb things like that.


FIV in Cats

My 'humans' here at the Blue Cross Veterinary Centre are industry leaders.  They have secured funding to investigate the prevalence of FIV in our area.  FIV is a disease which attacks the immune system, much like HIV in humans.  They are screening 'healthy' adult cats that haven't been vaccinated for FIV before (it is not one of the usual vaccinations).  They will find out if FIV is something we should be more vigilant about in our area and whether we should routinely vaccinate against it.  It can be a nasty disease and can kill us, but careful management can help extend our life.  As soon as my people here have done all the hard work and collated all the data I will be sure to get back to you with their my space......

.......... Cotton

Neutered Cats

Did you know a female cat can produce 15-20 kittens a year?  The world is incredibly overpopulated by stray cats....those poor souls have no homes to go to, no beds to sleep in and no humans at their beck-and-call!

My humans lead the way in responsible pet ownership and make sure that our Tiny Tigers are neutered when they leave here for their new homes!  Being neutered means ovarian and testicular cancers are impossible.

Neutered pets tend to be happier, friendlier and less territorial so please make sure "your people" bring you in to talk to one of my Blue Cross vets about this routine surgical procedure!