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With a great mix of experience and youth, our team of veterinarians are well placed to offer gold standard service and advice to our Sheep, Beef, and Deer clients. We offer a wide range of routine ambulatory services where we can assist with sick animals, trace element testing, pregnancy testing, ram palpations, calvings and so forth.  We also have an ever expanding range of specialty services, including consultancy services (such as Animal Health Plans, Lifetime Ewe Management, Genetics etc), AI and Embryo Transfer, Feet First footrot services, Bull Testing, and Faecal Egg Count Reduction Testing. 

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for more in-depth advice and a greater relationship with your veterinarian. 

March Monthly Reminders

  • Continue with preventative drench programme in lambs
  • Get your final drenches, vaccines, and supplements into ewes prior to mating (abortion vaccines, footvac, minerals, drench)
  • Lambs may benefit from a B12 booster, as liver stores are often running out by now
  • Plan your AI programmes in stud flocks 
  • Book your beef cow pregnancy testing to enable dating of pregnancies, marking of third cycle cows, and culling of dry cows before Winter
  • Blood test 15 cattle at pregnancy testing to determine the BVD status of your herd
  • Fawns should be given their Yersiniavax sensitiser vaccination
  • Drench weaner deer with an oral combination drench

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Animal Health Plans

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