Our large animal veterinarians and support crew are dedicated to helping farmers maximise the profitability of their on- farm endeavours. Our clinics have a strong dairy focus, with an aim to provide gold standard service and advice. We have a great crew of vets ready to examine your sick animals and carry out routine jobs, as well as trained Incalf, Healthy Hoof, Mastitis Investigation, and Nutritional advisors. With the new Infovet computer system we can offer aged pregnancy testing on dairy cows, as well as detailed analysis of reproductive performance, mastitis, and production.

Feel free to contact us if you are moving into the area, converting, or simply looking for more in-depth advice and a greater relationship with your veterinarian. 

September Monthly Reminders

  • Tail paint should be applied 35 days before the planned start of mating to identify pre-mating heats
  • A BVD booster vaccination should be given 3-5 weeks before the PSM if in a programme
  • Metricheck the second half of your herd/ later calving cows 2 weeks after they have calved
  • Sign up for the BVD bulk milk monitoring package
  • Weigh yearlings prior to the mating period (consider Growright)
  • Check cow teat health – greater than 1 in 15 lesions can be indicative of plant or liner issues
  • Start calf debudding and give your Covexin (clostridial) sensitiser vaccination
  • Arrange for pre-mating bloods to be taken (as part of Tracecheck) to check trace elements levels
  • Discuss heifer mating synchrony programmes with your vet, especially if considering a double shot PG programme
  • Organise a pre-mate InCalf consult with your prime vet

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