October 2014 - Noa Smith with Maddy the pony and Whisky the cat

Congratulations to our October 2014 Pet of the Month - Noa Smith with Maddy the pony and Whisky the cat.

Whisky rules the roost in the Smith household on the Waitaki Plains! He keeps his three big dogs in line by pouncing at them if they come running too quickly. He is very protective! Whisky (2.5 years old) is an Abyssinian and they are extremely adventurous and inquisitive cats. Every morning when they take Maddy, the pony's rug off, he jumps up on her and runs up and down her back pulling out the thick shedding winter coat for her. What a sight this must be. 

September 2014 - Thomas with Patsy, Merry & Harriet

Congratulations to our September 2014 Pet of the Month Thomas Withers (4) with Patsy (25), Merry (10) and Harriet (9).

Patsy is Merry and Harriet's Mum and they are Jerusalem Donkeys. This means they all have dark hair in the shape of a cross over their shoulders. The donkeys belong to the Dekker Family at Peebles near Oamaru, but Thomas lives nearby and insists on stopping every morning on his way to kindy to pat the 'wonky donkeys'.

The girls are friendly and very mischevious. They will eat anything but should really stick to hay and grass. They have apples, carrots and bread for treats. If you see them and stop to pat them, remember to never feed animals without speaking to their owners as greedy donkeys can gain excess weight this way.

Interesting Facts:

  • Donkeys can live for 40 years.
  • An average donkey (160kg) can carry 50kg on their back and can pull twice their body weight on level ground.

August 2014 - Emily and Buttons

Congratulations to Emily Hyslop and Buttons for being named our August 2014 Pet of the Month

Buttons was found head down, bottom up eating a Jimmy's pie from a wheelie bin. She was only five weeks old, wild and a hissing ball of rage. The Hyslop family put her in a special cage, covered it up and brought her inside to see if she could adjust to family life. She was checked over at her Veterinary Centre who immediately put her on a worming programme. Buttons now lives happily with her family, another cat and two dogs. Emily says she is the perfect cat who plays babies and rides bikes with her. She sleeps in the bed every night and is a real smooch, far from the angry kitten she once was.