Wormwise update - Faecal Egg Count Reduction Test

The talking has been done it's time for action. January is THE time to set up a worm control program for the year and to get some data on your farm around drench effectiveness. After the well attended Middlemarch and Omarama wormwise days recently, there is definitely re-newed interest from farmers to refine a logical plan for parasite management. 

How do I Get a reduction test done? Easy. Tell us when you’ve got lambs in the yards for weaning. Set aside 80-100 that don’t get drenched. Get us 10 faecal samples for an egg count. Then we do the test on them as soon as you’re ready. The first visit takes about an hour. We usually have 4-6 groups that get a different treatment.  Then we come back in a week to collect the 2nd dung samples to see if any worms remain after the drench treatments.