Gus the Heading Dog

Gus, a male heading dog was presented to Veterinary Centre Waimate feeling very off colour and quite dehydrated.  Veterinarian Steve Oehley gave him IV fluids to correct the dehydration and took blood and urine samples to be tested at the lab.  The tests showed that Gus was in kidney failure.  Gus was stabilised but after swelling of his abdomen the decision was made to perform surgery.  A contaminant in the form of a seed was discovered in his intestines.  It was removed and a course of antibiotics and pain relief then prescribed.  The seed was sent to the laboratory for identification and found to be a mango seed which, like many seeds and pips, is toxic to dogs.  Thankfully by quickly bringing Gus to his closest Veterinary Centre we were able to take care of Gus and his problem.  Gus has made a full recovery and is now back to his old self.