Heat Stroke

During this hot summer season it is important to make sure your sogs, cats, rabbits and other furry friends have plenty of water, access to shade, and can escape the heat. Heat stroke can be a serious condition as dogs and cats do not sweat like us.

  • Never leave a dog in a hot car
  • Never leave your pet in an unshaded yard
  • Dogs who go on extended hunting trips are more likely to usffer
  • Dogs with shorter noses (pugs, bull dogs, boxers etc) are more prone to heat stroke so make sure they have access to shade and water

Prevention is key with this potentially serious condition. Signs of heat stroke include exhaustion, excess salivation, collapsing and really red gums.

If your animal is showing these signs of heat stroke first hose them down with cool water and contact your Blue Cross Veterinary Centre for further assistance.