Sally's Stress

Sally was usually a happy and relaxed cat but when she came to visit us at the Veterinary Centre Oamaru, she was going bald from licking excessively and had started spraying inside.

Her vet discovered that Sally and her family had recently moved and they also had a friend's cat boarding with them - either of these things could lead to a cat suffering from anxiety.

Sally's vet recommended a Feliway diffuser be plugged in at home - these produce pheromones that create a safe and familiar smelling environment for Sally to reduce her stress levels.

Sally's vet checked in after two weeks and was happy to hear she was returning to her former chilled out self.

Pets can be very good at hiding their emotions but it can cause huge changes in their personality so if there is a potentially stressful event coming up for your cat or dog, such as traveling, moving house, new pets or people in the home, (just to name a few) - come and see us at your nearest Blue Cross Veterinary Centre for advice today.