Zephyr learns the road rules!

Like many cats before him, Zephyr learnt the dangers of the road the hard way after he was hit by a car.  When he was brought into our Veterinary Centre he had sustained major injuries to his jaw which was fractured in three places as well as breaking several teeth and suffering from a concussion.  After two days of intensive care in our pet hospital, Zephyr was strong enough to undergo surgery to repair his fractured jaw and remove his broken teeth.  As part of this surgery, Zephyrs jaw was wired shut and a feeding tube was placed into his oesophagus to enable our Blue Cross nurses and his owner to feed him while he healed.  Six weeks later, Zephyr is doing well, the wire has been removed from his jaw and he is back to his normal self, although hopefully steering clear of the road.

SA case study.jpg