Molly's Lumps

Molly’s owners were concerned about several hard lumps growing quickly on her tummy. Her owners brought her into Veterinary Centre Oamaru where her vet, Aroha was suspicious of mammary tumours.

Mammary tumours are the most common type of tumour in female dogs. Up to 25% of entire bitches will develop mammary tumours in older age. Some are fast growing while others may not be noticed for some time. The prognosis for these tumours is generally good with early surgical removal.

Spaying dogs and cats before their first heat greatly reduces their risk of mammary tumours.

Unfortunately, a biopsy of Molly’s lumps revealed cancer. An urgent mastectomy was performed to remove the cancerous tissue. Molly has recovered well and is now back to her playful self but still visits Aroha frequently to monitor her health closely.

It is important to monitor your dog regularly for any lumps and book an appointment to have these checked. Any lumps or bumps are certainly worth investigating and the sooner the better. Don’t wait until it’s too late - pop into your local Blue Cross Veterinary Centre to see one of our professional veterinary team.

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