Time Saving Tips

My "people" hate making you wait so they asked me if I would give you some quick tips for saving time in monthly meowing!

  • Call ahead to make an appointment - we cats are not very patient creatures and getting your human to call ahead will help you avoid lengthy waits, I can have one of my friendly vets ready and waiting for you!
  • Give us a heads-up on repeat prescriptions - just like human pharmacies it can take time to process these.  If "your people" give "my people" 24-hours notice (even more is great!) then they can have them ordered in, made up, records done and all ready to collect from my smiley girls at the front counter!

My hot tips should speed things up - which is what they say will suit your busy humans best!  Although I am sure that they secretly love waiting, just a little bit, so they can give me the love and attention I do so deserve!!.....