Cats and Rat Bait

I have heard my humans moaning about how their cats at home are more worried about curling up by the fire napping than chasing mice or rats - and why not I tell them!!  Napping is a favourite pastime of mine also!  It can be a lot safer at this time of year too... I have seen many cats and dogs coming in lately very sick from eating mice and rats that have eaten that rat bait you humans put out in winter.  It is just as poisonous to us as it is to rats.  It can stop our blood from clotting and can kill us very quickly.  My vets work very fast when an animal comes in after eating rat bait to make sure they live!  Early action is essential.  Please remember to store rat bait securely and lay it out of your pets reach.  Enclosed bait stations are best.

........ Cotton