Feeding Birds

The days are getting a little longer, which is great as I can finally play outside again and enjoy my favourite past-time of "bird watching"! I have been watching all the wax eye's snacking on Topflite's wild bird food range: cakes, truffles, pellets and logs which are berry and peanut flavoured! They also have their very own holders and feeders so you can hang them in the trees. They look really delicious - and I don't mean the birds….

I can't catch them anyway, my people here at the Blue Cross Veterinary Centre have put a collar on me that has lots of jingly bells on it, so the wax eye's can hear me coming!!

You should send your human down to your Blue Cross Veterinary Centre to check out the Topflite wildbird range but don't tell them about the awesome range of cat collars available…..it makes catching birds impossible!!