Calf Health and Management

We are more and more aware of the impact our heifers will have on the future success of our herd. Getting valuable replacement heifers off on the right foot in the pre-weaning period is a crucial step in bringing in top quality,  well grown heifers as two year olds.

The Veterinary Centre can offer a full range of calf health and management advice.

Dairy veterinarian and veteran calf rearer Nicola Neal can assist with the set up and design pf your calf shed systems and management. Nicola completed a Masters paper in "Calf Health, Disease and Management" last year and is keen to apply some practical on farm knowledge, along with the latest scientific advice. This service is tailored to suit the individual farm and could include on farm training of calf rearers', developing quality assurance systems wen you can not be there to supervise, developing calf health plans and making the most of facilities.

Do not wait for a problem to develop in the third week of calving when you have not got the time to deal with it, call now to book a time to review you calf shed systems.