Healthy Hoof Update

Lame cows continue to be among the three main problems affecting farms in our area together with mastitis and reproduction.

Lameness figures on local farms range from 5-25%, but there is still a significant problem with under-recording of lameness and under-estimating its importance and control.

Early detection and treatment of lameness problems remains the best solution.  The Veterinary Centre has been running Healthy Hoof programmes on many farms with lameness issues this season.  Having staff trained by one of our vets so that they are competent and confident with lame cow treatments and understand the causes of lameness has made huge differences to lameness on these farms. 

An influx of lame cows over the Christmas and the New Year period will sound familiar to many farmers, these can be challenging to deal with as many farms go onto skeleton staff with public holidays and annual leave.

We ask you to be proactive if you are seeing an increase in the number of lameness cases.  Do not hesitate to organise a lameness consult with a member of our team.