Avoid Over Milking

Mating is only a matter of weeks away.  The daily drafting of on heat cows can cause disruption to the milking routine.  This can result in over milking which is a risk factor for mastitis.  Now is the ideal time to make sure all staff are milking your cows in a way that reduces the chance of them getting mastitis.  Quickly check the following before milkings get busier with heat detection:

  • Does every teat of every cow get teat-sprayed every milking?
  • Is there an easy recipe to follow so that anyone can make up the teat-spray?
  • Does everyone break the vacuum before removing the cups?
  • Is there a BMSCC trigger level above which the herd gets stripped?
  • Can everyone recognise the signs of over milking?
    • Red or blue teats when the cups comes off
    • A ring of swelling at the top of the teat
    • Open teat ends
  • Can everyone recognise mastitis?

If over milking is occurring you may have to hang up clusters between rows or possibly not use the last few clusters.  Above all make sure everyone is aware that over milking is possible due to disruption caused by drafting and is a risk factor for mastitis.  Have a successful mating.