Early Pregnancy Test Results

The key measures of optimal reproductive performance are the 6-week in-calf rate (ICR) and the final not-in-calf rate.  To achieve the industry target of a 78% 6-week ICR, you need >90% 21 days SR and >60% CR.

The 6 week ICR rates to date have been very variable, with the average 6 week ICR for our area, dropping around 4% to 63% compared to last season (15/16) which was 67% - remembering last season was also down on the 2014/15 season.  Many farms have seen a 5-10% drop this season in 6 week ICR.  With most farms now settling in on a 10-11 week mating period, we can expect empty rates to be once again higher than desired.  Many farms experienced a drop in Submission Rate (SR) this season, and some farms experienced an unexpected drop in Conception Rate (CR) as well - a number of farms' CR dropping 5-8%.