Calf Rearing Consultancy

The first of July has ticked over and our thoughts turn to getting ready for next calving.  Soon we will welcome a new batch of calves, representing a huge financial investment in the genetics of our herd.  If you have new staff involved in rearing your calves this year, are you confident they can........

  • Safely stomach tube a calf to ensure they are getting essential colostrum within 12 hours?
  • Safely care for and prepare your young calves for transport, maximising their welfare and meeting all the new requirements?
  • Differentiate a hernia from an infected naval and know what to do with each?
  • Spot that first scoury calf and know how to effectively halt the spread of the bugs?

If the answer to these, or any other calf related questions is no, then the Veterinary Centre is here to help.  We have ateam of veterinarians with a keen interest in calf rearing, headed up by veterinarian Nicola Neal, who has nearly 10 years of large scale calf rearing experience.  Utilising the latest ground breaking NZ research into calf health, we can provide tailored on-farm calf rearing training for staff, or individual management level advice to get your sheds and systems humming.  To get your calves off to a flying start and all your staff on the same page, give the Veterinary Centre a call today.