CIDR Program 2018

Many herd owners have already booked in dates for treatment of anoestrus/non-cycling cows. There has been a huge rush on programmes starting before P.S.M., due to last years disappointing reproductive outcomes on many farms. Please ensure you plan/notify your AI technician immediately to avoid clashes.

This year’s CIDR program does not differ from last year’s programme. Please note the following:

  • A CIDR program takes 10 days to complete from CIDR insertion to insemination - i.e. a cow CIDRed on the 12th of October will be inseminated on the 22nd of October (up to 50% of cows may cycle on day -1 i.e. one day earlier).

  • Expect an average of 17% of cows to be on heat on the morning of day -1 (range 5-32%). Mate these cows immediately.

  • A further 20-30% may come on heat between morning and afternoon on day -1. It is an option to get the technician in again that evening if desired.

  • The rest of the cows should be blanket inseminated 8-20 hours after the final GnRH injection.

  • We recommend giving eCG (Pregnecol) at the time of CIDR removal/PG injection. This will increase pregnancy rates by a further 5-7%.

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