Abamectin Toxicity in young lambs

For most farmers the first drench of the new lambs will still be a few weeks away. However it is a good time to remind clients of the potential toxicity of abamectin to young stock.

Avoid using abamectin containing drenches (Matrix/Switch/Coopers Alliance) in the following scenarios.

  • Pre weaned lambs
  • Lambs less than 20kgs in weight.
  • Dehydrated, weak or ill thrift young lambs

If drenching in any of these scenarios stick with Arrest or Scanda selenised as your best combination option. However as soon as lambs pass these milestones you can include the worm killing power of abamectin in your lamb drenching plan.

And a note on selenium toxicity.......

In young lambs it is important to stick to prescribed selenium dosage. In selenised or hi mineral products there will be 1 dose of selenium included in each dose of the drench or vaccine. It is not safe to double dose selenium to lambs such as giving a selenised B12 and a selenised oral drench. The risk of selenium poisoning is much greater than with older animals regardless of dose to weight ratio.