Salmonella - Dougal McLachlan BVSc

The summer/autumn period has traditionally been the time when sporadic outbreaks of enteric Salmonella occur in sheep flocks. For those already experienced in this you will be aware how devastating it can be including the frustration associated with continual deaths as the diseases smolders on.

The dry period and feed stress may be the catalyst to predispose stock to future Salmonella outbreaks.

Affected sheep develop a watery scour, show lethargy and dehydration. Eventually deaths occur.

Treating Salmonella is frustrating. For prevention Salvexin B vaccine can be used in the face of an outbreak to break the course of the disease once a diagnosis is made. For those already using the vaccine do not forget your annual booster.

Another precautionary note! We did diagnose the dreaded Salmonella bradenburg abortion in the area this year and protection from this disease is only by preventative vaccination. Once the disease takes hold vaccination appears to be of little value. Sheep will require a sensitiser and booster vaccination prior to risk period, that being the third trimester.