Feet Soundness in the Flock

It has been a while since I have mentioned feet, and it is amazing that a bit of moisture in December has seen flare-ups of scald within a matter of days.  It still looks dry but there have been opportunities for the dormant footrot bug to jump from its hiding place of chronically infected hooves to fresh scaldy ones.  Pre-weaning troughing is probably on the cards for some operations in order to halt further spread and enable a break in the cycle of infection prior to tipping ewes soon after weaning.

With respect to footrot control Never waste a good drought.  When it is dry and there is no active spread of footrot, this is the time to inspect feet and remove what pool of infection is there before the next wee autumn flare-up.

I do have several success stories of clients putting in the time AT THE RIGHT TIME, using a plan and Micotil system and have got rid of footrot recently.