Vet LSD Drench: Do Ewes need extra vitamin E pre-lamb?

New Zealand research has shown benefits of extra Vitamin E with respect to lamb survival.  The vitamin E antioxidant is tied up with selenium, fluid dynamics within the foetus and lamb vigour.  Vitamin E is highest in green, growing leafy feed and it is lower in grains and stored feed.  So you can probably decide whether your ewes might benefit from the additional vitamin supplement prior to lambing..... or if it is worth leaving out?

Our Vet-LSD has been formulated (with vitamin A,C,D&E + Se + Cronium) and tested in New Zealand environments and widely used for over 15 years, hence why we endorse the use of it.  It is an insurance against a very easily fixed deficiency that can cost you production.  It can be mixed with most drenches, just dilute 1:1 before mixing (a 2ml concentrate dose becomes 4ml).  Then add that to an allocated amount of drench for the mob e.g. 500 ewes getting a 15ml dose of drench = 7500ml drench, + 2000ml of Vet-LSD(1000ml Vet-LSD:1000ml water mix).  Ewes then get a 19ml dose of the combined mix.  We have confidence that it does not interact with other drenches.  We recommend using it on the same day that you make it up.