What comes with a Green Summer?

Worm control: with the extended, wetter than normal summer worm control is very important. Missing a drench or extending intervals could lead to rapid build-up and contamination of pastures.

Wormwise - Seasonal Update: many of you have attended our Road Show events or read about sustainable worm control message. I thought for each seasonal period I would break down some of the key messages.

Lambs post weaning:

  • Use an effective combination drench. A triple combination or novel is best.

  • Stick to a 28-30 day drench interval.

  • If you really think there has not been any significant worm challenge then monitor with faecal egg count to ensure your assumption is correct.

Pre-tup drenching of ewes:

  • Use the most effective drench.

  • Utilise some refugia - that is leave some undrenched. Tag/mark them to monitor.

That’s not too complicated? It is a worthwhile exercise to review your Animal Health habits and rationale with us….

How do I get a Reduction Test done? Easy

  • Tell us when you’ve got lambs in the yards for weaning.

  • Set aside 80-100 that don’t get drenched.

  • Get 10 faecal samples for an egg count to ensure enough worms are present.

  • Then we do the first visit when you are ready. (The first visit takes about an hour.)

  • A week later we return to collect the 2nd dung samples to see if any worms remain after the drench treatments.

  • We analyse the results and send a comprehensive report of the drench resistance status of your farm.