Deer Scanning

Hind pregnancy testing is fast approaching. This is a perfect opportunity for deer farmers to have a comprehensive discussion with their vet around farm targets and potential animal health requirements for the up and coming season. The optimal time for hind pregnancy testing is 35-80 days after stag removal.

Production benefits of scanning:

  • Scanning allows for the culling of empty hinds to allow for better feed usage throughout the winter, for example more feed can be directed towards pregnant hinds. A hind can eat up to 200 kilograms of dry matter over a 90-day period.

  • Foetal aging can be used to identify hinds that have conceived in the first cycle. Early conception is a moderately heritable trait, which allows for greater selection pressure when marking replacements.

  • Identifying early calving hinds allows for preferential feeding based on likely fawning date. Well-fed hinds prior to fawning have been mammary development, and consequently increased milk production.

  • Early born fawns have greater weaning weights which is a desirable outcome as it correlates to greater lifetime production whether it be through higher velvet yields or increased slaughter weights.

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