Bonny's Sore Tooth

Bonny was usually a very happy Labrador who loved her food and playing with her toys. 

Her mum noticed she didn't want to play with her favourite ball and was taking a very long time to eat her breakfast - which was most unlike her!

Her mouth was examined at the Veterinary Centre Oamaru and her vet found a large infected swollen lump on her bottom jaw.  Bonny was admitted to the hospital for dental x-rays to investigate the swelling.

Dental x-rays revealed tooth root abscesses on two of her molars, and also ruled out any neoplastic/cancerous involvement.  Both teeth were then extracted and Bonny went home with a course of antibiotics and pain relief.

Bonny came back a week later and her vet was really pleased with how her mouth was healing and she was well on her way back to her normal bouncy happy self.