Roxy's Senior Health Check

Roxy's owners had become worried about their old girl (13), she had slowed down a lot and was struggling to get up in the cold mornings.  she had also started having very anxious episodes when she didn't seem to know where she was or recognise her family, she was panting, pacing and wanting inside to hide.

Her owners took her into Veterinary Centre Oamaru for a "Senior Health Check" for a thorough check over.

She had diagnostic radiographs and senior bloods run.  Roxy was found to have quite bad arthritis in her hips and knees.  She was given anti-inflammatories (Trocoxil) to help her get around more easily and relieve any pain.  Her blood tests came back clear which is fantastic for her age meaning serious conditions like cancer, kidney failure and liver disease could be ruled out.  She was put on dementia medication - to help with her anxiety and disorientation.

Roxy is now doing much better - getting up easily, keen for walks again and is having fewer episodes of confusion.