Taz Gets a Gut Ulceration from Human Medication

Taz visited the Veterinary Centre in Waimate as he was pale, lethargic and had black faeces.  Taz had a sore leg and had been given a human pain medication Sonaflam.  Unfortunately, this medication is highly toxic to dogs and can cause gut ulceration and kidney failure.

Taz's gut ulceration caused such bad bleeding that he had lost approximately 3/4 of his red blood cells by the time one of our vets examined him and he was in danger of dying due to severe anaemia.  Taz required a blood transfusion as well as medication to help heal the ulcers.  Thankfully, blood tests showed that his kidneys had not been affected and Taz went on to make a full recovery.

There are many human medications that can make our pets very ill or even lead to death.  It is important to only ever give medications that have been prescribed for your pet and to ensure you stick to the recommended dose.  If you are concerned your pet may have had access to other medication or been given the wrong dose of any medication, always contact your Blue Cross Veterinarian for advice.