Tetanus in Dogs

Recently we dealt with a very sad case of a Husky who died from tetanus.  She was brought into the clinic unwell and on examination was showing signs characteristic of tetanus.  Aggressive treatment was started straight away, but unfortunately the infection was too great and after 4 days she was put to sleep.

Tetanus is an uncommon infection in dogs but is a very serious and life threatening condition if it does occur.  Dogs like other animals become infected after being wounded and the wound becoming infected with the tetanus bacteria.  Unfortunately sometimes the wounds are very small and you may not even be aware that they have occurred.  Dogs may become unwell after several days but sometimes as long as 3 weeks.  In this case it was determined that the dog had been injured 8 days prior.

Even though infection is uncommon it can be prevented by vaccination, just as in many other animals and people.  Vaccination is very effective.  This can be done at the same time as other vaccinations or separately.  After suffering the heartache of losing one mate, her owner has decided to vaccinate their other 2 dogs as they never want to have to go through this again.

Talk to one of our veterinarians if you want to discuss this further.