Tim the Tom Cat

Last week Tim the (Tom) cat came to visit his Blue Cross veterinarian.  His owner was fed up with him spraying urine in the house.  Tim's behaviour had started to change too - once a lovely friendly homely cat, he had now started roaming for days at a time and was moody and mean.  On inspection, Tim's vet found that he had never been neutered so he was booked for the very next day.  Tim's procedure was quick, painless and cost less than $55.  He went home that afternoon and was quickly back to his normal, happy self - no more lingering smells in the house.  Not only is Tim a lot nicer to have around but having your male cat neutered also benefits the entire community with less unwanted pregnancies.  Tim's Blue Cross vet advised that he should also live a much longer, healthier life with decreased risk of testicular and prostrate disease.