Bumblefoot - The Story of Winston the Chicken

Winston the chicken came in to see the team of The Veterinary Centre early this year with wounds on the bottom of her feet.  She had a nasty bacterial infection known as 'Bumblefoot' (or pododermatitis) that can occur after trauma to the foot.  It can invade deeper structures such as joints and tendons, or even spread into the bloodstream setting up a septicaemia.


Winston underwent a general anaesthetic for radiographs to ensure there was no bone or tendon involvement, then underwent surgery to debride the 'dead' centre of tissue caused by the infection on the bottom of her feet, so that her feed could start to heal.  She was also placed on a four week course of antibiotics to help overcome the infection.  Due to her cheeky nature and unwillingness to take the tablets, these had to be hidden carefully in pieces of sausage meat and other tasty treats.

Bumblefoot lesions can be notoriously difficult to treat, so we are all extremely delighted with this result.  Thanks to her very dedicated owners, and the great care Winston received at the Veterinary Centre her feed have fully healed and she is back to her normal self, running and scratching around.