Foreign Bodies - Dangers in the Rubbish

Cats and especially dogs often like to chew and eat things when they shouldn't.  What they think might be nice to have a nibble of could actually put them into big trouble.  We regularly see dogs and cats with sore and painful abdomens that end up needing surgery to remove the foreign body that they have eaten.

Prevention is far better than treatment.

  • If you know your pet likes to carry rocks around in their mouth - do not encourage this as they can easily be swallowed
  • Some dogs have a fascination with socks, bras, underwear - KEEP IN CLOSED DRAWS
  • Pick up and throw out loose plastic bags, lolly wrappers, glad wrap etc.
  • Ensure to put all knitting and sewing away - cats like to eat thread/wool and NEEDLES!
  • Bones - can not only get stuck but they can rupture the intestines
  • Select toys of an appropriate size and strength for your pets
  • Keep a close eye on puppies as they are prone to chewing things
  • Mouldy, spoiled food can be a great source of Mycotoxins.  These are toxins that act very fast and cause muscle tremors, vomiting, seizures and hyperthermia in as little as 30 minutes.

If your pet is off their food or vomiting (because what they have eaten has gotten stuck in their stomach or intestines and is blocking the normal flow of food) or if you are concerned that your pet may have eaten something then contact your Blue Cross veterinarian immediately.