Sparkles gets Diabetes

Sparkles the 15 year old cat came in to see us at the Veterinary Centre Oamaru because her owners had noted her drinking from odd places - the shower, condensation off the windows and she had become a bit thin.

Sparkles owners took advantage of the Senior Pet Check package which meant she got a real tip to tail check over including 'wellness bloods'.  Her blood tests revealed a very high glucose level and her urine was also positive for glucose.

Sparkles was diagnosed with Diabetes - a condition where the body is no longer able to stabilize it's glucose blood levels.  This condition can become life threatening if left untreated.  Sparkles owners went through a training consult on how to administer daily insulin injections.

Sparkles has recently come in for a diabetes monitoring check which has showed her glucose levels back in the normal range.

If you think your pet is drinking more than normal - diabetes is just one of a number of possible underlying diseases that can be well managed for a long and happy life.  Please contact your local Blue Cross Veterinary Centre to make a consult with one of our friendly vets.