Weight Loss

Bella came into our Blue Cross Waimate clinic in February last year because her weight was out of control and she was suffering with very sore joints.  She was struggling to do any exercise and tipped the scales at over 44kg! 

After a thorough check up she was started on Royal Canin Satiety food.  Her owner had to be very diligent initially as Bella loved to scavenge but this soon subsides. 

Over the last year Bella has been coming in for monthly weigh-ins and feeding adjustments.  Last week she came in to be weighed and is now only 34.5kg - she has lost over 20% of her body weight! 

Bella is a lot happier, no longer has painful joints, has a lot more energy and doesn't even scavenge anymore.  Visit your Blue Cross Veterinary Centre clinic to get professional advice if you are concerned about your pets' weight.