Skin Cancer in Cats

Even as winter approaches there is still some heat in the afternoon sun.  Cats with a light coloured coat are prone to skin cancer, particularly on the nose and ears.  The first thing that may be noticed is redness, ulceration and scabbing of these areas which eventually become thickened, and may bleed or become infected.  Whilst this cancer is locally destructive, it is generally very slow to spread.  Tiny lesions can be treated with electrocautery or liquid nitrogen but more advanced cases may require surgical removal.  Removal of the ear tips or nose may be needed.  This may leave the cat looking less than fabulous, but these structures are not required for survival or a good quality of life.  Mini, is one of our brave patients who recently underwent surgery to remove the tip of his nose after being diagnosed with more advanced skin cancer.  He is currently in remission and living happily.  Please contact the Veterinary Centre by the Big Blue Cross if you see any suspicious lesions on the nose or ears so that the problem can be addressed early.