Clem's Waterworks

Clem is a speyed 7 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. Her owners noticed she was having some 'water works' problems. She was squatting excessively to wee while out for walks and was constantly wanting in and out at home to go to the toilet.

Clem was brought into her local Veterinary Centre to be assessed by one of our Blue Cross team. She was admitted into the hospital. A urine sample was collected and her bladder ultrasounded to find out the cause of her behaviour.

No obvious issues were found so a sterile urine sample was collected. A microscopic analysis at our hospital lab revealed large numbers of bacteria in the sample which was determined to be the cause of her troubles.

Clem was started on a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. We saw her back the next week for a follow up check. Her owners happily reported her urination frequency had returned to normal. A repeat urine check was also given the all clear.

Problems with your pets 'water works' can be caused by numerous things - so it's always important to have them checked out to ensure the correct management/treatment can be instigated.