Murphy's Menacing Molar

Murphy was visiting the Veterinary Centre for a routine check-up when his owners mentioned that he had quite bad breath. An oral examination revealed he had a bit of a build-up of tartar on his teeth and he was admitted to the hospital to give them a good clean and polish. During this procedure, it was noticed that the gum around one of his molars was a bit inflamed. An x-ray of this tooth revealed an abscess at the root of this tooth meaning it needed to be removed. After his dental, Murphy's owners reported he has a new lease on life, is playing more, wagging his tail and is generally much happier. They had no idea that he was suffering from chronic pain associated with a tooth root abscess and are amazed at the difference in him. Dental disease is extremely common in our pets and may be the cause of significant pain that goes un-noticed. Please don't hesitate to bring your pet into your Blue Cross Veterinary Centre for a dental check-up to ensure they are not suffering in silence.