Car Sick Pups

As the weather warms up the car trips to holiday destinations begin. Here are some tips for travelling with puppies….

It is thought that the immature ear structures of puppies contribute to motion sickness; there is also a learned effect of nausea associated with the car.


  • Sit in the parked car and play with your puppy while the door is open.

  • Once your puppy is happy sitting in the car then turn the engine on briefly. Build car exposure gradually. Never drive further than they are comfortable with.

  • Start with very short trips to fun places like the park and then come home again.

The day of the trip:

  • Ensure your puppy is comfortable.

  • Make sure the pup is secure - crates or harnesses are the safest option.

  • Keep the air in the car cool.

  • Ensure the dog faces forwards while travelling.

  • Never feed a puppy just before a car trip.

  • If your pup is already sick or fearful then take a break from the car.

There are drug therapies that can be prescribed by your vet for pups that are very badly affected. Our team of friendly staff are happy to discuss how to best help your pup avoid car sickness this holiday season.

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