How our Hospital Cares for your Pets

Adequate care and attention of convalescing animals is essential to ensure recovery with minimum stress.

Our Facilities

We have a large modern secure hospital area, equipped with 24 hours controlled ventilation, animal shower, underfloor heating (and even a stereo system with soft background music!). Attached to the hospital is an external run, and we also have a grass exercise enclosure. When building our new Veterinary Centres over the recent years we have endeavoured to lead the charge in quality animal hospitals and offer many (if not all) of these facilities at our branch clinics.

Our Routine

All hospitalised animals are given their medication, cleaned, fed, watered and toileted twice a day, seven days a week - the menu is varied according to the patient’s taste. Debilitated animals are tended to much more frequently.

The hospital patients are checked hourly, groomed (and talked to!). All animals recovering from operations are supervised continuously until they are conscious and sitting up. After hours animals are checked by our vets, but you will often see our nurses “sneaking in" checking on their special cases.

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