Max's Noisy Breathing

Max is an 11 year old Labrador who suffers from a condition called laryngeal paralysis.  This is a devastating disease that is most commonly seen in older Labradors and other large breed dogs.

The larynx has two folds that should open when breathing, and close when eating or drinking so food and liquid doesn't go down the wrong pipe.  In pets with laryngeal paralysis, none of this happens and either one or both folds of the larynx are paralyzed.  It makes taking a good, deep breath difficult to impossible.

Max's owners had noticed his noisy breathing 6 months earlier, but as the disease progressed, he began to suffer terrifying episodes of collapse and being unable to breathe.  Such episodes are brought on by stress, in the form of excitement, fear, anxiety, or overheating.

In Max's case a surgical procedure to "tie back" one side of his paralysed larynx was recommended.  Max underwent surgery with Dr Sarah Boys, and this was a great success.  While Max must now be careful when eating and is no longer allowed to go swimming, he is breathing normally again and acting like he is 2-3 years younger. 

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