Peculiar Prostatic Problem

Benson, an eight year old entire male Border Collie, recently came into our Waimate Veterinary Centre because he was unwell, arching his back and not eating.

A large mass could be felt in his abdomen so an ultrasound was performed. This revealed that Benson's prostate was dramatically enlarged, containing a number of small cysts, and was attached to a very large cyst.

Delicate surgery to remove the large cyst was required. The smaller cysts were drained and Benson was castrated.

Prostatic enlargement is very common in older entire male dogs and can lead to constipation, difficulty urinating and occasionally more sever problems. Castration allows the prostate to shrink and is often the only treatment required. This is a simple day procedure with huge health benefits to your male dog so contact you Veterinary Centre today to book your dog in.

Benson recovered well from surgery however he will need to be on medication for some time to come.