Bob's Tetanus

Bob is a hard working heading collie who had stiff limb movement.  When he was brought in to the Veterinary Centre his ears were erect, his tail elevated and his facial muscles were pulled back as if he was grinning.  Our vets immediately diagnosed him with tetanus.  Tetanus is a potentially fatal disease that causes muscles to contract - dogs rapidly become stiffer and are unable to walk or swallow.  Fortunately, as his symptoms were noticed early Bob has now made a complete recovery and is back at work.  He spent 10 days in hospital on IV fluids, antibiotics and anti-toxin therapy and supportive care.  Contamination of wounds is the most common way that dogs can get tetanus and although rare, the Veterinary Centre has now treated three cases in the last 6 months.  Thoroughly cleaning wounds (particularly in feet and toes) and early recognition of tetanus is extremely important to ensure that dogs receive treatment in time.