Meet the Staff - Ryan Luckman


Ryan is based in our Waimate branch, at this time of year he's using his skills and experience to pregnancy test dairy cows.

Work Interests: Particularly enjoy the mix of large animals we get in the Waimate District. I enjoy doing Dairy consultancy work, especially in the areas of lameness, reproduction, and mastitis. I am a trained Healthy Hoof, In Calf, and Mastitis advisor. In my spare time I also dabble in a bit of alpaca and deer work.

How many cows do you think you have pregnancy tested in your career? Probably between 300,000 - 400,000

What kit do you like to use?  I like to mix up my options, splitting my time between the trusty Aloka, and an Easy Scan 2 and 3. I did get to use a Sonosite M Turbo for part of Dave Robertson's AFC Ovary scanning trial, which I must say was a bit like geek heaven for us scanners!

Who will win between the Lions/All blacks in 2017?  The All Blacks of course.

Describe an interesting incident in your preg testing career:  When we're out scanning farmers will often tell us hand on heart that their herd records are perfect and they can guarantee there are no double ups in the herd. One such farmer was quickly silenced one day when two identically numbered cows came around side by side in two bails.......

 Cow 219, meet Cow 219.......

Cow 219, meet Cow 219.......

Crusaders or Highlanders? In spite of being born in the North Island I did jump on the Crusaders bandwagon in the winning years, so have to stick with them…..

Random Fact: I have an identical twin brother (causes great confusion when he visits Waimate).

Outside Interests: I am a keen member of the Waimate Rugby Club. In my diminishing free time (we now have 2 young sons) I am involved in a local band called “Top Shelf”, and spend evenings tending to my large flock of 5 sheep.